Vanessa can be found at Hut 42
07967 503212

Vanessa studied Glass Design at Staffordshire University and previously worked as a project manager and in-house artist for a corporate art company in Surrey. She now lives on the South Coast and her career as an artist is flourishing, exhibiting and selling her work in galleries.

She is also director/co-founder of Creative Waves Community Arts C.I.C. A not for profit arts company, which was set up along with artist Nadia Chalk to enable them to embark on larger scale projects together and bring art to the local people. Passionate and keen to inspire others to explore their artistic ideas, she is enjoys teaching children and adults.

Inspiration from nature influences her work, a rich depth of colour and a tactile surface is created by building up layers in various media. She enjoys the commissioning process, working closely with clients to meet their expectations. Whether it’s to create a unique painting tailored to the client’s interior or to design and produce innovative artworks for commercial spaces. She also offers a professional installation service.

Her art is created at Hut 42, East Beach Studios, Worthing, overlooking the sea. The perfect place to paint and capture the sea’s beauty and ever changing mood.

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