I’ve had a keen interest in clothing and styling since the age of seven when i would produce drawings and sketches of clothing and accessories for women. Growing up in Devon I was greatly influenced by the natural environment and fascinated by the changing seasonal colours around me which feature in much of my work today. After leaving school i studied general art and design.

I followed on to Plymouth College and studied a course in Fashion Textile/Screen Printing Design where i gained immense knowledge of the Fashion Couture world as well as the industry manufacturing methods for producing my designs to a high standard of finish.The course consisted of a strong element of fashion/life drawing and painted mood story boards.

I then went on to Berkshire College where i choose to specialise in Fashion Textile Design. This course gave me a grounding in many aspects of design and allowed me to focus on creating my own fabrics through combining and dyeing to produce new fabric surfaces. I also choose to work on the tailors stand rather than the flat pattern, this method helped me to bring out the three dimensional side of my work get more in touch with the human body form.

My final collection at Berkshire  drew all these elements together under the title Liquid Space . A full expression of my vision of  alien plant-life realised through the use of textures and forms in my unique fabrics. These fabrics were then used to construct finished garments. As a designer I believe a garment should make an impact no matter what angle its viewed , it  should make as much of an impression leaving a room as it did on entering these are after all wearable art forms. This principle I carry on in my work today.

Masterfurse has shown at London Fashion Week twice, as an independent designer and as a collaborator in the Revamp Collective. He is listed with the British Fashion Council.

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