Beth Doll works in her home-based studio, by the sea in Worthing, a small seaside town in the south east of England. Each of her products is handcrafted with great care and attention to detail to ensure each is unique and of the finest quality.

An established artist for many years, Beth’s collection of sculptures, paintings and housewares are a beautiful addition to any art collection. Each piece she produces represents a new avenue of inspiration.

From Beth’s own love of vintage and elegant home design, an appreciation of quirkiness and originality – to the warmth of her home and family, the ever-changing seascapes, surrounding countryside, even delicious memories of trips to her mother’s birthplace, the beautiful city of Paris.

All these elements influence my ideas, breathe life into my work and combine to shape the character and story of each piece.

The amazing, fantastic, marvellous and magical Story Stones are one of Beth’s most sought after creations. They are used to promote story-telling and communication through imagination. Each set, containing either six or twelve Stones, is placed face down. A Story Stone is turned over and the image acts as a prompt to guide the story teller for the first part of the story. Turn over the next Stone and the story continues…


Vanessa can be found at Hut 42
07967 503212

Vanessa studied Glass Design at Staffordshire University and previously worked as a project manager and in-house artist for a corporate art company in Surrey. She now lives on the South Coast and her career as an artist is flourishing, exhibiting and selling her work in galleries.

She is also director/co-founder of Creative Waves Community Arts C.I.C. A not for profit arts company, which was set up along with artist Nadia Chalk to enable them to embark on larger scale projects together and bring art to the local people. Passionate and keen to inspire others to explore their artistic ideas, she is enjoys teaching children and adults.

Inspiration from nature influences her work, a rich depth of colour and a tactile surface is created by building up layers in various media. She enjoys the commissioning process, working closely with clients to meet their expectations. Whether it’s to create a unique painting tailored to the client’s interior or to design and produce innovative artworks for commercial spaces. She also offers a professional installation service.

Her art is created at Hut 42, East Beach Studios, Worthing, overlooking the sea. The perfect place to paint and capture the sea’s beauty and ever changing mood.


Carole can be found at Beach Mutts.
07766 025371

Beach Mutts is an artist’s hut that started as a studio for needle felting and to spread my love of dogs. It has expanded to incorporate textile sculpture, customised dogs coats and artist’s protective wear and now my latest passion miniature unique teddy bears. Beautiful handmade needle felted animals are made in different positions. The models usually have a wire armature to allow you to pose in different positions, such as begging for a treat or tweaking the head to add cuteness. These are not toys but whimsical pieces of textile art. These little creatures take many hours to create. They can be large or small – what an unusual present!

Needle felting is a modern twist on the ancient craft of felt making. It is the process of compressing and matting fibres together to create a dense form and is one of the oldest known fibre crafts. Thousands of years ago our ancestors felted wool to create basic footwear, blankets, clothing and yurts. Wool fibres have tiny scales which interlock during the felting process. The craft of needle felting is extremely versatile. By gradually adding fibre and defining the shape through needling, 3D animals can be created entirely from wool fibres.

I am happy to make commissions using your photographs so please contact me to discuss any requests, timings and prices. I am also running two hour taster classes at Beach Mutts during August. There is a charge of £5 for materials. If you are interested please sign email me for more information.