Beth Doll works in her home-based studio, by the sea in Worthing, a small seaside town in the south east of England. Each of her products is handcrafted with great care and attention to detail to ensure each is unique and of the finest quality.

An established artist for many years, Beth’s collection of sculptures, paintings and housewares are a beautiful addition to any art collection. Each piece she produces represents a new avenue of inspiration.

From Beth’s own love of vintage and elegant home design, an appreciation of quirkiness and originality – to the warmth of her home and family, the ever-changing seascapes, surrounding countryside, even delicious memories of trips to her mother’s birthplace, the beautiful city of Paris.

All these elements influence my ideas, breathe life into my work and combine to shape the character and story of each piece.

The amazing, fantastic, marvellous and magical Story Stones are one of Beth’s most sought after creations. They are used to promote story-telling and communication through imagination. Each set, containing either six or twelve Stones, is placed face down. A Story Stone is turned over and the image acts as a prompt to guide the story teller for the first part of the story. Turn over the next Stone and the story continues…

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